When hiring a rubbish collection service for the office or any commercial facility, you want to know what's involved in this rubbish pickup and what is expected of you in the process. Many rubbish collection services today refuse to pick up just anything and everything you put in a bin, and you may face fines or added fees if you don't cooperate with their requirements. To avoid all this hassle, note a few questions to ask any rubbish collection service before you hire them.

Ask if they have special requirements for picking up your recyclable items

Even if a rubbish removal service provides you with bins for recyclable items, you may still need to properly prepare these items. This can mean breaking down and flattening boxes, rinsing out food containers, and bundling newspapers. You may also be required to separate your recyclables and you need to understand these details; you might assume that soup cans and soda cans are the same, but these are often made of different types of metals. Different types of plastic and even colored glass may also need to be sorted. Be sure you understand these details so you ensure your recyclable materials are always collected properly.

Ask if they allow barrels or bins other than the one provided

Most rubbish collection companies will provide a bin for you, but you may be allowed to use additional bins and barrels as well. However, if a company does allow this, they may have restrictions as to the type and size of the barrel or bin and where these are placed. Some companies may also provide additional bins themselves and refuse to pick up anything other than their own bin. Be sure to ask about this rather than assume that they work like your city trash and will simply empty all the bins you have lined up on trash day.

Ask what is considered hazardous waste

Most rubbish removal companies will not remove hazardous waste, but this might apply to a number of items that you don't think are considered hazardous. For example, they might not pick up electronics because they may assume that these pieces contain mercury or may not allow cooking oils and other such fats and liquids since they are flammable. Batteries, car tyres, and other such pieces might also be considered hazardous. Be sure you have a list of these items and keep them out of the rubbish bins so you know you won't get fined or have your bins left untouched when they should be collected.