The World Bank estimated that about 2.01 billion tonnes of waste are produced each year and it is expected to reach 3.40 billion tonnes by 2050. It is even sadder to know that much of that waste goes unrecycled. Among all the garbage people throw away, 75% of the solid waste can be recycled, but only 30% is recycled.

Many people aren't aware of the harmful effects of improper dumping. Garbage causes air pollution by releasing gasses and chemicals. These gases (carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases) result in huge environmental changes. Industrial waste and other chemical waste are dumped into the ocean, causing a serious threat to aquatic life.

Proper waste management is necessary otherwise it will be a great threat to future generations. Homeowners should think more before throwing away their garbage. Skip bins are always the right choice. While choosing skip bin services, consider the following factors.

Type of waste

Before looking for the skip bin hire, first of all, know what type of material you want to waste. There are different skip hires that work for different wastes. It is important to know the terms and conditions of the company before making any choices. 

Different size of skip bins

An important factor that needs to consider is the size of bins. Look for the sizes of bins the company is offering and select the correct size according to your waste. If a too small bin is chosen then it will be illegal to carry overflowing waste, and a too-large bin will cost extra.

Wastes disposal rights

Look for a company that strives to play its important part in saving the environment. The company working in the waste disposal industry must be registered and has the legal rights to dispose of the waste. The company is vigilant that most of the waste gets recycled and does not go to landfills. The employees of the company are well trained in handling chemical materials and flammable wastes. 

Cost of skip hire services

Although skip bins are not cheap, make sure you get rid of all the waste for the amount you pay and there are no hidden charges. Compare the costs of different companies and choose the best suitable price for the services. 

Each individual can make a difference to save the world by handling their wastes properly. Skip bins are always a good option, you just need to find the right skip bin services in your area.